Ma Ma's Journey Home

Use this book to bring comfort to those who need support through any time of loss. Share the good news on the other side of grief. Discover what happens on that amazing journey home!

Retta Ford

Books can be a great comfort. I grew up as an only child who had to spend a great deal of time alone. During that time, I had great adventures and traveled to countless foreign lands. I learned about people, both good and bad, rich and poor, all through books. Later in life, I was introduced to the most important book of all, the Bible, and the most important person, Jesus Christ. Through him, we live, both now and forever.

I am now a grandmother. My great grandson KJ was the inspiration for this book. He loves to visit me and my husband and play with us and cuddle with us. During the height of COVID, the elderly were dying at such a fast pace. I wondered how our deaths would be explained to KJ. That's when the Holy Spirit began to give me the desire to write this book.

My hope is that this book brings comfort, hope, and reassurance that we shall see and live with our loved ones again.

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